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Casetronic Engineering Group was established in Silicon Valley in March 2000, specializing in mini-ITX and small form factor enclosure design and manufacturing. With a comprehensive portfolio of standard and customized products, Casetronic can satisfy an array of demanding applications. Efficient and effective integration enables rapid development of even the most customized projects.

As a worldwide leader in design and manufacturing of electronic enclosures, Casetronic Engineering consistently meets the changing demands of the electronic enclosure market by anticipating and developing the most appropriate new designs to satisfy customer needs. Besides our standard product line, we also have an experienced OEM team that can develop any custom enclosure for an array of applications.

Casetronic provides complete solutions from mechanical design to assembly with supply chain integration. With many years of experience in enclosure design and manufacturing, we hve been designing on the premise of innovation that begins by thinking outside the box. Travla series enclosures are manufactured using all metal components including high quality extruded aluminum. Our experienced designers use state of the art CAD software to create a 3D model of each part to ensure the precise fit of all assemblies and components. From prototype to production, every detail of the enclosure has been examined to provide the maximum features. Our multi-configurable products allow our customers to use compact enclosures in numerous applications. Whether Casetronic's products are located in the home, office, automobile or industrial and commercial environments, its elegant look will complement any environment.


At Casetronic, we consider out products to be more than just a common PC for standard use. We consider it to be a unique product - an integral part of you application. The design of each and every model therefore meets Casetronic's high standard for design and quality.



An external electronic enclosure often has to endure tough treatment. After considerable exposure of prototypes to different climate and mechanical tests, Casetronic's products will only then be approved for the  mass market and industry.




Casetronic gives you the freedom to place each industrial motherboard and components in its small form factor enclosure and install it in a variety of ways including, VESA and wall mount



The choice of material as well as the final surface treatment of our electronic enclosures are carefully selected for their high quality and ability to work well in any environment.