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T8 DC-DC Connector Board


  • low profile, single board construction
  • 90% high efficientcy; Noiseless; low ripple noise
  • Low working temperature; Built-in EMI filter; standard PC connection.

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    Dimension (W x L x H) :156.3mm x 30mm
    DC Input :11.5 - 12.7V
    +3.3Vdc Output :5A (16.5W)
    +5Vdc Output :6A (30W)
    -5Vdc Output :-
    +5VSB Output :1A (5W)
    +12Vdc Output :2.3A (27.6W)
    -12Vdc Output :0.1A (1.2W)
    Total Output Wattage (Max) :80.3W
    Power Connector :20-pin ATX (Onboard)

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