OEM Solutions

Customized solutiuons

In recent years Casetronic has became the favourite choice for many industries including digital signage, embedded appliance, kiosk/point-of-sale, netwroking, automotive, etc With more than just the supply hardware, Casetronic is committed to working hand-in-hand adjacently with partners in specialized division. We are a full solution provider covering multiple types of appliance enclosure, electronic barebone system and industrial application. In addition, Casetronic products are able to be interfaced with environments and can be customized exactly match to your specific requirements. It adds a unique value to your system and elevates your customer satisfaction to new levels.

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Our OEM product team consist of highly skilled engineers who assist in configuring solutions to specific application. Our team also works together with customers on an open exchange and collaborative basis to solve problems and has proven to be the fastest and the most effective. Casetronic engineers takes great pride in the ability to transform customer's ideas into quality products and delivered within the promised time frame. Furthermore, we will assist you in designing your prospected OEM project, or help to enhance your current products by having our staffs review existing design and offering recommendations for improvements as well as to reduce manufacturing costs. We guarantee to enrich performance and quality.

Chart Engineering

Few Steps to Success

  1. Provide your motherboard dimension and specific system requirements
  2. Define and modify I/O shield among standard products to fit into a corresponsing motherboard
  3. Industrial mechanical design for new applications
  4. Customer logo printing for your corporate ID
  5. Prototyping to ensure specification
  6. Customer-defined platform ready for production


By offering full range services, Casetronic carries a project from the early concept design through the final accomplishment. We present design solutions that are both cost-effective and realistic. Special attention to schedule and budgetary requirements are always considered. For further information related to customized service, contact us today.