Rackmount Enclosure

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Casetronic provides rackmount solutions for a wide variety of applications. Casetronic rackmount enclosures deliver...



  • 1U Rackmount

    Designed for optimal performance, the Casetronic 1U rackmount supports multiple modifications and additions in a high-density 1U form factor. These rackmounts are ideal for network infrastructure, front-end enterprise, and minimal downtime cluster server systems.

  • 1.5U Rackmount

    Designed to deliver solid performance and mission critical reliability for custom applications, these 1.5U rack servers support the latest mini-ITX mainboards and delivers additional levels of performance, power-efficiency and reliability.

  • 2U Rackmount

    Casetronic presents 2U rackmounts with low-power and quiet solutions which deliver the best expansion and storage features and are designed for embedded IPC applications. These quiet, energy-saving solutions make ideal storage and network appliances or servers.

  • 3U Rackmount

    Casetronic's 3U rackmounts and Eagle cases support multiple design and construction varied for different applications such as enterprise mission critical applications, cloud computing, HPC, virtualization and simulations.

  • 4U Rackmount

    Designed for high-performance servers clustering and business critical applications, Casetronic 4U rackmount servers support the latest mini-itx motherboards. Featuring removable fan cage door, multiple PCI expansion slots and a steel construction for industrial application to provide outstanding flexibility.