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Casetronic's contract manufacturing division offers a complete range of design & engineering, prototyping, high capacity manufacturing, QC and system integration & assembly for every type of hardware based computer system production across multiple vertical markets.

Design Drawing Design & Engineering

With an experienced design and engineering team dedicated to manufacturing and prototyping, we collaborate with every client to build superior computer systems and reliable high performance servers.
AMada Manufacturing & Prototype

Casetronic is the manufacturing company of choice for the most complex and valuable computer systems and servers in the nation..
assembly Integration and Assembly

Together with Casetronic, customers are able to receive full product life-cycle support form a single point of contact. We will do the leg work for you and your clients, significantly minimizing you cost and redundancies.
T1200 New Product Development

Our dedicated sales and marketing team can support your company by focusing on advanced engineering and technical assistance, promising high performance and high reliability.


Overall, Casetronic provides complete chassis build, box build and system integration assembly which is equipped and organized for specialized applications. As your contract manufacturer, we will cover testing procedures, quality control, assembly production, packaging, warehousing and shipping. Our team will work with you to manage order fulfillments in a quick, efficient and accurate manner. And to top it of, our excellent customer service reputation enables us to provide after-market services no matter the size of the project.