OEM/ODM Enclosure

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OEM/ODM Enclosure

Casetronic is committed to working hand-in-hand adjacently with partners in specialized division. We are a full...



  • Micro ATX Enclosure

    Casetronic is the leading manufacturer of computer enclosures with a wide selection of designs and applications. The new Micro-ATX enclosures feature excellent cooling performance . For OEM designs and modifications, please contact us for assistance.

  • Nano-ITX Enclosure

    Casetronic brings you the ever compact nano-itx chassis specially designed for VIA Nano-ITX motherboard series. Perfect for digital signage, point-of-sales, kiosk, office desktop and other low profile applications.

  • Pico-ITX Enclosure

    Lightweight, compact Pico-ITX enclosures provide a new realm of possibilities for embedded computing. Contact our sales team for additional information on Pico-ITX applications.

  • Fanless Enclosure

    Casetronic offers a wide variety of fanless enclosures designed for mini-itx, pico, nano and rackmounts. Excellent for silent operation requirements featuring heat pipe technology and aluminum fins for passive cooling. Contact us for further information on our leading fanless products.