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  • Built-In UPS Systems

    Uninterruptable power supply (UPS). UPSs are used to protect sensitive electrical equipment such as computers, workstations, servers, and other power-sensitive systems

  • Barebone Systems

    Our small form factor barebones feature Intel Atom, Intel Core and AMD processors. We offer a wide range of mini barebone PCs from nettops to rugged computers.

  • Mini-ITX Enclosure

    Casetronic is the leading manufacturer of Mini-ITX enclosures with a wide selection of designes and applications. Compact, portable enclosures are featured alongside multiple other designs for any requirements. With its reliable, small footprint and low-noise operation, the Casetronic mini-itx enclosures and ideal for mini servers and other networking or storage applications. For OEM designs and modifications, please contact us for assistance.

  • Rackmount Enclosure

    Casetronic provides rackmount solutions for a wide variety of applications. Casetronic rackmount enclosures deliver maximum expandability and storage options. With a versatile design and reliable operations, our rackmount enclosures are built for mini-itx mainboards.

  • OEM/ODM Enclosure

    Casetronic is committed to working hand-in-hand adjacently with partners in specialized division. We are a full solution provider covering multiple types of appliance enclosure, electronic barebone system and industrial application. In addition, Casetronic products are able to be interfaced with environments and can be customized exactly match to your specific requirements. It adds a unique value to your system and elevates your customer satisfaction to new levels

  • Power Solutions

    Power solutions for all Casetronic enclosures by Travla

  • Accessories

    Missing something? Casetronic provides an extensive range of accessories for mini-itx and rackmount solutions.